Bitcoin Securities

For those who are not satisfied by simply holding Bitcoin currency in a wallet or at an exchange, buying Bitcoin shares might be a worthwhile consideration. Although this may add additional risk, a number of funds have proven to be rewarding for share holders (particularly those who invested early on in ASICMiner). Investing in Bitcoin shares can provide a whole new angle for buying low and selling high. If day trading is not your thing, you can sit back and collect your dividends. Either way, Bitcointalk is a wealth of information to get you started. Keep in mind, these crypto currency market places are unregulated and therefore offer very high risk/reward potential. Before deciding what companies are worth your hard earned Bitcoins, you’ll need to choose a security exchange.


Havelock Investments are a Canadian based exchange with minimal fees and a solid reputation. The only downside with Havelock Investments is that they offer a very limited number of funds (5) at this point and volume is relatively low.

Withdrawal fees are currently 0.0010BTC, with 0.0005BTC being paid as a network transaction fee to ensure your withdrawal transaction is included in the blockchain quickly. Trading fees effective June 1st, 2013, are 0.4% of the transaction value, calculated only when SELLing units. There is no fee for BUYing units.

BTC Trading Corp. is a legally registered Belize international company offering a wide variety of stocks, bonds and funds for your bitcoins with competitive transaction fees of 0.25%/transaction (from what we can tell is the cheapest of fees). You’ll be able to easily see how your investments are doing on the go with the BTC Trading Corp Client Android App.

BTCTC also provides 2-Factor login and the ability to reinvest dividends automatically into new shares.

Buying shares has no fee. Selling fees range between between 1% and 0.5%(or lower with discounts) based on your account tier. BitFunder requires transfers be made from an online wallet WeExchange (0.1 BTC min.) According to BitFunder, this is done as a security measure. Setting up an account is free and easy. BitFunder also provides 2-Factor login for extra security and currently has the widest number of funds to chose from (over 30) with a decent am